Something I have found that is deeply close to my heart is having girls discover their own worth. (Which is why me & my cute friend made our Instagram account to give girls confidence & little pick me ups.) For me, that means more than just an appearance on the inside, but deep beauty. Being beautiful on the inside is much more important than looking perfect 100% of the time. There is so much pressure on trying to be beautiful and have the perfect hair, nails, figure, fashion etc. I discovered for me that discovering who I am & where I came from helped me discover my deep beauty.


On an Instagram post I did on my personal account I said, “For those who needed a little boost: we all focus on our flaws, imperfections, weaknesses, & what we wish we had what others have. I do this all the time & it never makes me happy. God made us unique & different in each way. God created us perfectly. You are beautiful, incredible, & significant. Be kind to yourself because He made you & He is kind. You are His masterpiece.”

This is something I still will forever believe. You are a daughter of God, the most glorious being & creator of the world. One of my favorite quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf is, “You are something divine—more beautiful & glorious than you could possibly imagine.”

Discovering Deep Beauty

How do you discover deep beauty? For me, it was knowing I am a daughter of a king. With the help of my Savior and Heavenly Father, I was able to discover that there is more to a young woman than her outward appearance. I read several scriptures & quotes and prayed & fasted. Part of that included training my brain to think positively. I also developed my talents and other healthy habits, as well as tried to be kinder to others. I discovered that the more kind I was to others, the easier it was to be nicer to myself. I think one of the nicest compliments to receive is that you radiate the light of Christ. As I tried to do the things the Savior would do, I felt happier & more beautiful on the inside. “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God” (D&C 18:10).

Outer Beauty

Ladies, do not pick out every tiny flaw you have. It’s interesting that girls with curly hair want straight hair, but girls with straight hair want curly hair. Be thankful for what the Lord blessed you with. Each thing about you is beautiful. Imperfection is beautiful. None of us are perfect. But God is, and He created us. You are naturally beautiful. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup, but as my mom said, “You don’t want to look like your face is painted.” Makeup (and other beauty things) are used to bring out your natural beauty. So don’t hide your wild curls or freckles. Those things are what make you, YOU! And when you are yourself, that makes you even more beautiful.


Being Kind to Yourself

I am not kind to myself 100% of the time. Most times I feel like I have a case of the “uglies” and beat myself down. Don’t beat yourself down. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are, once again, BEAUTIFUL. So be comfortable in your own skin. Love who you are. Smile; it looks good on you. Remember you are a daughter of the Highest King. You’re loved and wonderful. Did I mention beautiful? Also, I discovered that if I pick out things I like about myself that are weird or quirky it makes me happy to know I am different (ex: I scrunch my nose when I laugh . . . weird, huh?!)

d4de4018-efcd-417e-98b3-47d3f36adcb3Guest Post by Megan Wood
I’m a sweet & seventeen-year-old Mormon gal who lives in Rexburg, Idaho. I absolutely eat too much ice cream, read A LOT of books, like to shop too much, & sing loud and off key! 
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