Did you watch to the Women’s broadcast for Conference?? If not you are seriously missing out. I know it is a whole week before the rest of General Conference but I like to think of it as extra special time the Lord has set apart to talk to us, his daughters. It’s like we’re his favorite.

The opening talk by Sister Eubanks just spoke to me and had me doing some silent fist pumps as I was watching. One of the take aways for me was that you and I are not meant to be mediocre. Sister Eubanks said that we can change the course of history, and she give 5 specific things to do that… but you will have to go read it to find out.

Now,  I know not everyone gets as jazzed about the women’s broadcast as I do. But there are some ideas or  traditions you can start to make it more exciting and something to look forward to.  

  • Go get your nails done earlier that day with your mom, female relatives, or girlfriends and talk about questions that you want to take to conference.
  • Go out to dinner after
  • Bake cookies and have ice cream after
  • Girl cousin party at grandma’s to watch the broadcast

But if you missed the women’s broadcast or not this time around is you can still listen and rewatch them to find the lesson and words that are for you.

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