I’m sure you’ve got a fresh back-to-school look, but what about a refreshed vocabulary? It never hurts to add new words to your conversational arsenal, especially when you have an updated, polished wardrobe. I’m definitely guilty of using the same, old words, but when my mind meets my fashion, I’m most certainly in my element. It’s also satisfying to know exactly what to say about the current situation, much like my favorite character from Downton Abbey. Let’s be a little less homely and a little more Dowager Countess with some witty and sagacious words!

Ennui – the state of your roommate as she sat through an uneventful and uninteresting date

You: “Becca’s text cleary indicates her state of ennui.”

Friend:  “I don’t blame her. I would feel the same way if my date took me to dinner and was on his phone the entire night.”


Malaise – the feeling when you just want to go home and lie down but don’t know why (usually cured by a girls night-in, Netflix, or both)

“Sydney suffered from a malaise that kept her from enjoying the ward’s FHE.”


Non sequitur – the random comment your friend makes that has nothing to do with the conversation

“Izzie, I love the way your mind works. While a little off topic, life wouldn’t be the same without your non sequitur.”


Quid pro quo – when you say yes to a date after your flirty classmate promises to help you with your latest project

You: *laughs* “Ok. I’ll call this a quid pro quo. You’ll help me with my report and I’ll meet you for dinner on Friday. Sounds like a deal?”

Him: “Sounds like a date.” *winks*

You: *blushes*


Tirade – the latest soapbox by the outspoken guy in your ward

“I know it’s a hot topic, but I wasn’t expecting a tirade during class.”


Have fun this school year and don’t forget to share some other new words you learn! #itsmytimeto





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