The other day I was on my way home on a particularly hot day I drove to my favorite drink stop. I planned to buy a drink and a frosted cookie. As I started to get in line I noticed the line was longer than usual. I started to get in line and then thought, “I don’t want to waste any more of my life waiting in line for soda.” I immediately backed my car out of the drive through and drove home. I knew I had lemons in my fridge that would go bad soon and I could make lemon cookies. (I said I quit soda, not sugar ;)) I decided to have lemon cookies and water. As I drove away I thought of the people waiting in the drive through. I was thankful that driving away was still an option for me. I’m sure for some people waiting in line they would have liked to drive away too, but they needed their caffeine fix in order to function. I wanted to quit drinking soda before I was that dependent. Now, I’m not saying soda is evil, after all even President Uchtdorf has shared a time in his life when he drank soda to help him. Why did I decide to cut back? Simply because I didn’t want it to become an addiction. Any time we allow ourselves to become addicted to something we give away a portion of our agency to that addiction. Choosing to drink soda is not breaking a commandment, but this experience at the drive through helped me to draw the parallel that by choosing to keep my body clean from more serious substances, I am choosing to be free.

Need a little more convincing to kick the soda habit? Check out the video below.

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