Diana Vreeland made Harper’s Bazaar famous with her “Why Don’t You…” articles that inspired new fashion and lifestyle trends. If she can push the envelope, then so can’t we! Why don’t we bring a Christmas version to life and set some new holiday trends? Or at worst, have some fun trying?


Why don’t you wear all red at least one day this month? Then try all green.

Why don’t you sing Christmas carols to the crowd at the nursing home?

Why don’t you hang Christmas lights from every possible place in one room?

Why don’t you perform a Christmas song for your grandparents?

Why don’t you help clean up after Christmas dinner and give your mom/grandma a big hug?

Why don’t you build a holiday fort?

Why don’t you make a list of the most useful or meaningful gifts you received this year? Give the giver a proper thank you.

Why don’t you have a holiday photo shoot?

Why don’t you list your gifts to Christ and place it under the tree? Call it your new year resolution.

Why don’t you make a Christmas wreath with your friends?


Whatever you do, have a very merry Christmas! Oh, and share your traditions (new or old) with us at #itsmytimeto

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