Do you remember the story of the lost purse from General Conference a couple years ago? That story really stuck with me, and I still think about it regularly. In it, a few women find a purse at the end of a stake dance with no outside identification. They open it to find various items that tell them things about its owner, like a For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, a small notebook with scriptures and thoughts written inside, a handmade coin purse, and a recipe with a note to make it for a friend’s birthday. These simple items speak volumes about the owner of the purse! They assume she is virtuous, spiritual, creative, and thoughtful. What would people assume about us if they looked through our purses?

I also think we should consider what people would conclude if they looked through another item: our phones.


Consider these questions:

If someone read through my text messages, what would they assume about me? What kind of tone do I use? Do I gossip?

What do the apps I use say about the way I spend my time?

If someone asked to see my Internet history, would I be proud or ashamed to show them what I’ve searched for, seen or read about?

What kind of photos do I have? Do I take pictures of things and people that matter, or only pictures of myself?

What does my call history say about me? Are there people in my life I should be staying in better contact with?

Whether we like it or not, the way we use technology says more about us than we would like to think sometimes!

Take a couple minutes today to look through your phone as an “outsider” and consider what message you’re sending to others—pun intended ;).

0988 Post by Alexis Arias, Blossom’s Expert Learner



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