Another week has passed, and we still have General Conference on our minds! As we continue with our lives after that inspiring weekend, we recognize the positive impact of messages from our leaders as we press forward through challenges and try to become more like Christ. As you think about the ways #LDSConf has left a positive impact in your life, see what Melissa has to say!

Melissa Kleiner

I LOVED Elder Taniela B. Wakolo’s talk about covenants. This quote stuck out to me:

“The many distractions and temptations of life are like ‘ravening wolves’. It is the true shepherd who will prepare, protect, and warn the sheep and the flock when these wolves are approaching. As under shepherds who seek to emulate the perfect life of the Good Shepherd, aren’t we shepherds of our own soul as well as of others?”

He also said my favorite quote of all time – “Casualness leads to casualties.” I think of that quote alot because when we start getting “casual” in our worship, (i.e. saying redundant prayers, being “too busy” for scripture study, taking the sacrament and what it means lightly) we are creating small openings in our “armor” that Satan wants so badly to take advantage of.

I’ave also been really working on my “personal ministry” that last couple of months. Looking outside of myself and asking Heavenly Father to help me find those in my ward and neighborhood, who need me and my help. I have been studying how to minister as Christ did. When talking about what a great “minister” his wife was, President Eyring said.

“Inspiration will help us minister to others for the Lord. You have seen that in your experience, as I have. My bishop once said to me – at a time when my wife was under great strain in her own life – ‘Every time I hear of someone in the ward who needs help, when I get there to help, I find that your wife was there ahead of me. How does she do that?’ she is like all who are great ministers in the Lord’s kingdom. It seems there are two things they do. Great ministers have qualified for the Holy Ghost as a nearly constant companion. And they have qualified for the gift of charity, which is the pure love of Christ. Those gifts have grown in them as they have used them in serving out of love for the Lord.”

The two things great ministers have is the Holy Ghost as a constant companion and charity! Praying for the Holy Ghost to guide me and for charity to be in my heart as I search out those who need my  help will get me where i need to be EVERY TIME!

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