I love love love President Uchtdorf’s talk “It Works Wonderfully!”  I felt like he was talking just to me. “Sometimes we feel discouraged because we are not ‘more’ of something—more spiritual, respected, intelligent, healthy, rich, friendly, or capable. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve. God created us to grow and progress. But remember, our weaknesses can help us to be humble and turn us to Christ, who will ‘make weak things become strong.’… I learned in my life that we don’t need to be ‘more’ of anything to start to become the person God intended us to become.”

The Lord knows that I feel weak in writing for My Time to Blossom. He takes me as I am. I know He can and will gently direct me. I hope that something  I share or a thought I have may help someone. Moses thought he too was just a simple man who lacked the words to say; yet with the Lord he parted the Red Sea. Hearing that I am enough from President Uchtdorf was the verbal hug from the Lord just for me. I have a fear of living below my potential, and maybe I have already missed the boat, but the happy reminder that I can start where I am, and that is enough.


I am a runner. I have run three half marathons and one full. The start of every race is my favorite part, only next to finishing (obviously). The start is exhilarating, exciting, and holds so much potential, promise; plus everyone is happy. Before the race, any finish time is possible. Today, I can start where I am and any end time is possible with Heavenly Father helping me.

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