I’ve been bumping into articles, people, stories and general conference talks about how and why service, compassion, love, forgiveness, and kindness are such an important part of applying the Atonement in our lives. I say bumping into, because it’s not that I’ve been typing these words in the search box. They just find me! I’ve tried to be more thoughtful in my prayers and to be more aware as I go about my daily activities. I keep my planner/journal close to me and jot things down when I get a second. As I write them, or share my experiences with others, I start to notice how each experience is an answer to prayer.


I have been so humbled at how much our Heavenly Father loves us. Every person I meet and every story I hear is a witness to me that there is a God in Heaven, that we each have a unique mission on this earth.

Look for tender moments when God is speaking to you. Share it with others. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings joys. The gospel is optimistic! Living the gospel means we trust in God! It doesn’t eliminate pain, sorrow, trials, and challenges, but it DOES turn the most trying times into the most powerful experiences.


Tonight as my little 2-year-old baby was falling asleep, he saw me crying as I read through Elder Holland’s talk “The Tongue of Angels.” He said, “Why you sad, mom? Don’t cry. Dry your tears.” So I dried my face a little and kept reading out loud. Baby Isaac said, “Momma, I still see it. Not like that. Like this! I do it.” He sat up and leaned over.  It was the sweetest feeling of peace and love that came over me as I felt his tender baby hands wiping away my tears. He gently kissed my face and said, “You happy now? Come lay down by me, Mom.”

Heavenly Father needs each one of us to be more like Him. Every. Single. Day. Just when I think my trial is too big to think about anyone else, it is probably the best time to turn away from myself and give my heart and hands to others. We can be the tender hands and loving hearts that will bring others unto Christ. There are few things more powerful than the healing, strength, and peace that comes from selflessly serving others.

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