I read something in the scriptures (Alma 47) this week that really impacted me and I’d like to share it with you!

Amalickiah is a really bad guy. He really wants to be king and is willing to do anything to have power. He knows that if he can kill the leader, Lehonti, he can then be appointed the new captain. Lehonti was on the top of a mountain and when he heard that Amalickiah wanted him to come down, he refused. He wouldn’t budge. Amalickiah calls for Lehonti two more times! Amalickiah was so insistant and annoying because he knew what he wanted and was not going to stop until he got it. After the third time getting rejected, Amalickiah came half way up the hill and finally convinced Lehonti to come down the mountain. Later on, Amalickiah poisoned Lehonti and killed him.


In verse 18, it says Lehonti was poisoned BY DEGREES. Amalickiah was a sketchy guy and ended up getting to be the leader like he wanted. I feel like Lehonti a lot of times in my life. The adversary is constantly nagging me, never leaving me alone, and always trying to see how he can get me down from my mountain of righteousness. WE MUST NOT COME DOWN. Not even a little bit. It’s too slippery and too subtle. We justify and try to rationalize our few steps downward and pretty soon we end up at the foothills of our mountain looking up at the top and wondering how we got all the way to the bottom. The way up is a lot harder than the way down. But we are safe on top. I hope to stand tall and always choose to stand in holy places not only this week, but always.

Guest Post by Adriana Turley

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