There are roughly 7.4 billion people, 6,500 spoken languages, and 160 ethnicities in the world today. Every single individual on the earth is unique. There are many different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities that comprise the people of the world, and we each bring our own individuality to the table. While we may all be different, there is one thing very similar about us, which is that our Heavenly Father loves each one of us the same. From Chinese, to African, to European, to American, we are each loved by God an immeasurable amount.

I felt that love after spending several weeks in Africa on a service trip a few years ago. Before visiting Africa, I did not know what to expect. I didn’t know much about the people or the culture, but after my time there, I grew to love everything about them: their bright smiles, their friendly personalities, their strength, their drive, their cultural influence, their bright patterns, and their faith. Many of you have probably had an experience like I did through things like missions or service opportunities. The Lord commanded us to, “love thy neighbour as thyself”(Matthew 22:39), and I believe one of the best ways to develop love for a people or a culture is to get to know them personally.

Take every opportunity you can in your community to spread Christ like love to those around you, and to really get to know those around you – especially since our world needs it now more than ever. Serve one another, treat one another with kindness, and do unto others as Christ would do for you. We all have the capacity to love others, and I encourage you to spread that love to every one of all languages, ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds.

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