Using Personal Progress to Become Who I Want to Be

“I know that Jesus helps us to be better women, to be great women—women who can change the world.” M. Lucia Silva (Young Women General Board Member).


What kind of person do you want to be in five years? Are there certain attributes you hope to have, or habits you wish to develop? I’m not talking about what school you would like to be at, job you hope to have, nor whether you are married with a kid on the way. I’m asking about your character and personality traits. What goals do you have for who you hope to be in the future? Do you want to be more patient, forgiving, honest, creative, outgoing, reserve, organized…? Each time I made a list of these kind of goals, I found myself overwhelmed with figuring out how to become more of something that I think I’m not. I felt this way until I realized the power in a simple program called “Personal Progress.” While we usually think of “Personal Progress” as a testimony building program, I can promise you that it’s much more than that. It’s a program designed to help us “come unto Christ,” and as we do, that person who we want to be begins to emerge.

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If you don’t believe me, here is a five-minute challenge for you: Take a look through the booklet, and choose a value experience at random. As you read the experience, make a list of the character traits and skills you would use to complete the task. Are any of these traits desirable? Since the program is so customizable, you can choose experiences and create your own projects with your future self in mind. As you practice those traits you hope to have, won’t you make a habit of having them?

Part of being successful in this life is traveling on our paths of personal progress. I received my medallion several years ago, but I’m taking the month of February to return to the program that created a path to a better me. I tend to have a habit of overreacting to just about everything. So much so, that my family has dubbed me the “Drama Queen.” When I picture my future self, I see a less theatrical and more calm and confident lady.


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My Challenge:

* Choose and complete an experience each week to help me progress with my character goal: being less dramatic by having greater perspective

* Have my friend, Carolyn, sign-off on my tasks

* Follow-up in March on my personal progress

So, if you are looking for a way to accomplish your character goals, I recommend completing some value experiences and designing a project around your goals. If this program is new to you or you haven’t worked on it in some time, take one month to do it with me!

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