I love to use my Apple watch to track all of my energy output or exercise for the day. It’s a great motivator to meet daily moving goals or daily exercise goals. There are 3 different goals to hit each day, and when you achieve that goal, you “close the ring.” Well, one day last week, my Apple watch’s battery was dead, so I headed to the gym without it. It was no big deal, and I didn’t even miss it. Then the next day, around the time my little watch knew I should be at the gym, a notification popped up that had me laughing! It greeted me, and said: “Make it happen today Melissa, your move ring was off track yesterday. Get active today and close it out.”

Most people might love getting that individualized motivation. I thought about my day the day before and kind of got mad at that little watch. I wanted to have a conversation with it and say, “Excuse me, miss thang?! (She’s a girl.) I not only exercised at the gym but I rode my bike with my kids and played at the park with them. I just didn’t bring you along! I think I moved more than enough!”

This funny, little happening got me thinking about what motivates me. I took that little motivation to heart and felt like I was being told I didn’t measure up or do well enough the day before. My logical brain knows better, but when I look deep inside myself, I realize that my thoughts go directly to thinking that I’m not good enough or I have to prove something.

If you are reading this, I want you to ask yourself these next questions, and then STOP and really answer them honestly: WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE? HOW DO YOU REACT WHEN SOMEONE TELLS YOU THAT YOU COULD DO BETTER?

If you answered those questions and feel great about the answers, I salute you! Great work! If you answered those questions in a way that you might need to work on a few things, I have great news: We are always a “work in progress!” More importantly, we are Heavenly Father’s work, so I think as we answer those questions honestly, we should give ourselves some grace, because our Savior already has. He is in our corner and our greatest advocate. If you are feeling less than enough, He wants you to know that you are MORE THAN ENOUGH. No person, picture, or even Apple watch can determine your worth. Our Savior is our unlimited example and should be our greatest motivator!

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