October brings the age old question- trick or treat yourself?

I am a believer in treating yourself and celebrating the small success. I think it’s one of the best ways to keep myself motivated and to reset for my next goal. And a nice escape, that won’t break the bank is drink and a cookie. My drink of choice is always Dr. Pepper.

I sat down with Robyn, owner of Fiiz Drinks in Mesa, and asked why she thinks it is important to treat yourself. She told me, “We deal with our cares and worries all day, and coming to Fiiz provides a small escape, release, and a happy place.” With a pumpkin sugar cookie half the size of my face, a Berry Good Doctor drink,  extra large sized games to play and my favorite songs going, Fiiz makes it easy to sip my troubles away.

At Fiiz it’s easy to treat yourself but also a friend that could use a little pick me up. Or if you go through the drive through sometime offer to pay for the car behind you. When I was at Fiiz three cars in a row paid for each others drinks!  With more drink options than days in a month, you can find a drink to help lift and caffeinate (or not caffeinate) any friend. Robyn recommends, “If you don’t know someone’s drink preference everyone loves a homemade Fiiz cookie or…the BEST chips and salsa.”

And if you want to go out on Halloween but still haven’t decided what to be here are some fun ideas:

* The House that Lars Built has three options of influential women that all are made out of paper, so no sewing necessary!

photo source 

*Good Housekeeping has several easy do it yourself options:  breadwinner, spice girls, bunch of grapes or pineapple, or party animal.

*Or for the more ambitious ladies, you can go to the Queen of Craft, Martha Stewart: evil queen, bee keeper , no-sew swamp couple, and spooky skeleton makeup tutorial.  

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But you don’t really have to choose between trick or treat- do both! Get dressed up and grab a soda at Fiiz!

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