They say adventure is out there, but it can also be in your own backyard. If you are antsy to see the world but are strapped for time or cash, try one of these ideas that will allow you to see the sights from the comfort of your home.

Into the Woods – Make tin foil hobo dinners and s’mores (they can be made with fire or even in your stove), stargaze, set up tents, and watch “Into the Woods,” “The Village,” or “The Watcher in the Woods.”

A night in Paris – make French cuisine, bake a fancy dessert like crème brûlée, research a Louvre-inspired painting (obviously wearing berets is a must), and watch “Ratatouille.”

Date night in New Delhi – Make an Indian dish (I recommend trying a tikka masala sauce), and watch a Bollywood show.

Welcome to the Orient – Asian cuisine such as sushi or teriyaki (chopsticks are a must), watch “Mulan” or an old Jackie Chan movie, and try your hand at origami.  

Nostalgia night – Travel back in time, and have basic elementary school food (peanut butter sandwiches, fruit snacks, Kool-Aid fruit jammers, chicken nuggets, and/or chocolate milk), make homemade cookies, finger paint, play four square, make play dough, have lego competition, and watch “Arthur.”

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