So many fashion trends come and go, but what pieces can you buy and wear a lifetime? That’s the question I’m here to answer with inspiration from a classic fashion muse, Audrey Hepburn. 

We all recognize Audrey from her breakout role in “Roman Holiday” and iconic black dress & shades in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” She quickly became a fashion icon in every decade since for her classic and sophisticated style. She even pushed boundaries by remaining perfectly feminine while sporting short hair and men’s shoes. Clearly, there’s something to learn from her timeless ways, so let’s get right to it! 

Timeless Closet Staples

LBD – Little Black Dress

Every women will have a need for a little black dress, and we can thank Audrey for it! First off, why “black”? Black suits all body types and fashion styles. Black can be sophisticated, edgy, classy, romantic, or sexy. It’s also flattering on all shapes and sizes making it the perfect color for a dress in any occasion – cocktail party, graduation, wedding, funeral, birthday, concert, symphony, recital, job interview, and even church. You’ll wear it more than once, and one classic LBD will get you through occasion after occasion for years to come. 



Are they nautical or French? Or both? Horizontal stripes are always in style. However, you may notice trends in thick or thin stripes. 


What’s a multi-seasonal outerwear staple that’s worth the investment? A trench. While amazing, you don’t need a Burberry trench. Anywhere from $50-200 can buy you a trench that will last a decade. The best trench coat sale I’ve found is the August Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Save now! Your closet will thank you. 

Extra Petite


A wintertime classic or basic? Clearly, it’s both. To layer or not to layer? That is the question. A black, grey, or white turtleneck will be used over and over, year over year.


Black Trousers

The only thing you’ve got to figure out is whether to buy mid-rise or high rise and cropped or full length. Other than than, wear them year round! 

White Shirts

While they might sound “professional” at first, you’ll quickly find that collars come on all types of fits and for all kinds of formalities (including in-formalities). Madewell and Everlane have some of the best for the modern lady.

Stay timeless!


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