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The Apple Watch has been around now for a little over two years, but I feel like it’s having a resurgence as I’m noticing them on more wrists that ever! I picked one of the first generation ones up on Craigslist (the second generation is completely waterproof, that’s the main difference!) a couple months ago and have been wearing it all day every day since. Here’s my review!


  • I wasn’t sure that I would like having a piece of technology strapped to my wrist, especially since I’m the type of person who tries to limit how many apps I have an minutes I spend on my phone each day! Surprisingly, having an Apple Watch has kept me away from my phone even more because I know if something important is happening, my watch will buzz and alert me, rather than me feeling like I have to check my phone a couple times each hour!
  • Before I got my watch, I was missing pretty much every phone call because my phone would be on silent or deep in my bag where I couldn’t hear it, and that caused some serious problems sometimes! Now, I hardly ever miss a call.
  • It’s a little embarrassing how often I need to use the “ping” function on my watch to locate my phone… but I love being able to find my phone in seconds!
  • If you like to work out, the heart rate monitor will be your best friend! When I’m at the gym I pick which type of workout I’m doing, then anytime I’m wondering how hard I’m actually working, I check my heart rate. Your heart rate is a much more accurate fitness indicator than calories burned on a machine, and we’ve tested this against a chest-strap heart rate monitor and it was within a couple of beats! Such a great tool to have.

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  • The pedometer function is also a handy thing to help you gage how many steps you take on a typical active day and on a day when you lay low. I was amazed at how few steps I was taking on days I didn’t hit the gym, and now I can’t be in denial about that! Having the watch has encouraged me to take an evening walk instead of lounging around and I’m a much happier, healthier person because of it!
  • I know this is silly, but I love having the time on my wrist! Haha, yes, I am aware that any basic watch will tell you the time, but I wasn’t a watch wearer before my Apple Watch and now I can’t stand not having the time on my arm!


  • Price. A brand new watch will run from around $250-400 depending on which series, metal color, and size you want, BUT plenty of people are selling the first generation versions for $150-200 on Craigslist! That’s how I got mine!

I honestly couldn’t come up with any more cons than that! So if you’ve been thinking about getting a watch, hopefully my experience was helpful to you. The watches aren’t for everyone — my husband had one for a while and didn’t feel like it was worth the price for what he was getting out of it, so not all experiences are the same, so keep researching and look for the best deal you can (maybe black Friday?!) if you’re thinking the watch might be for you!

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