I saw this video a while ago and thought it was appropriate with Mother’s Day coming up! All I can say is that I have so much respect for mothers, because believe it or not, the job isn’t as easy it may seem! But what’s the value in the things that come easy, anyways? 😉 In all seriousness, the role of a mother is sacred. It is a gift from God. Mother is the nurturer, the homemaker, the one to turn to when all else fails. What would we do without the mothers of the world!? I challenge you to personally thank one woman in your life who has sacrificed so much for the welfare of you and of others, and did so with a smile. It’s so important to respect the role of motherhood because the sooner we do, the better prepared we will be when the time comes to take on the role, ourselves. 🙂 Now go out and show the mothers some love!

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