The older I get, the more reason I see for everything that has happened in my life. It all starts to come together like a beautiful masterpiece. Although the in between can contain chaos, confusion, pain, it is also full of peace, beauty, and love.


Throughout my life I have always seen God’s hand. It’s been in every aspect of my life, and for that I’m forever grateful. But through it all, I’ve especially seen it in my relationships with others—specially the women in my family.


Growing up for me was sometimes a challenge. There was a 12 year gap between me and my closest sibling—my brother. I was basically an only child, or that’s at least what it felt like. I had 2 sets of parents, my “real” parents and my older siblings. All I ever wanted was a little sibling to mess with, play with, boss around, and do all the fun little children things with. I was always so confused why my parents didn’t have a child between me and my brother, but as I’ve grown up, I’ve seen little tender mercies, showing me that the Lord’s hand truly is in every aspect of our lives. My parents prayed and prayed and prayed harder and prayed for a long 12 years for me, and finally the Lord granted them that blessing. So you can imagine the joy they felt when that blessing was awarded to them. Although growing up feeling like I had no little siblings to play with, I had my parents, and have a wonderful and tender relationship with them because of all the time we got to spend with just the 3 of us.


Years later I got another glimpse as to why things have happened the way they had. I was 10 years old and my sister had her first baby girl! Meaning me and this little babe were 10 years apart! We were closer in age than me and all my siblings. From the beginning we had a special connection. I knew Heavenly Father had a special plan for me and this little girl. As the years have gone on, this little girl has been my sidekick. She was the little sister I never had. The pestering little bug I always wanted. I understood her thinking and her reasoning even more than her mom at times. It’s been a special connection that I have felt so blessed to share with her.


And then there’s my sister in law. My sweet sister in law. She came right into my life when I needed her most. Although my brother may have felt like his 27 years of life without her was long, I needed her when I did. She’s helped me see things in ways that only she could show. She’s been one to listen and understand me like nobody else, and she’s been exactly who I’ve always needed.


I now know why Heavenly Father had us wait. He knew I needed the the one-on-one connection with my mother. He knew I needed a sister who could be a second mom to me. He knew I needed to be close to my niece in age to be able to help raise her and understand her in a way she needs. He knew I needed my sister in law when I did to help “get me” like she could. It has all come full circle. And I am ever so grateful for his plan, and His hand.

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