If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Often, the paths that seem less traveled or the things that seem to be the most difficult are the very things that are most meaningful and important in our lives. Everything that has great value comes at a price or requires some sacrifice to attain.

When my husband and I were on a recent trip to Rome, Italy, we wanted to attend a church meeting. We looked up the address and found one “close by”. It ended up being about an hour journey! My flight had arrived at 8:30 Sunday morning, and we were cutting it really close to make it to the 11:30 sacrament meeting. We weren’t familiar with the metro or bus system in the city and I had been awake for almost 24 hours! Going to church seemed like a total hassle. It just was not convenient at the moment. However, before I talked myself out of going, I slipped on a skirt, reapplied some makeup in the elevator, and told my husband, “We’re going!” We asked for general directions, followed our GPS, and made the trip using the bus, metro, and walking through beautiful Italian neighborhoods until we could see the familiar name on the side of the church building.


It took us an hour to get there, but I couldn’t help to think of the thousands of members all over the world who make far greater sacrifices to attend regular church meetings. I realized we don’t go to church, or obey any gospel principles for that matter, because it’s convenient. The testimony meeting consisted of about 20 members and at least twice that many tourists in a very small chapel. While I was sitting there listening, the Spirit confirmed to me that we had made the right decision. I needed to be there more than Heavenly Father even needed me to be there. I’ve felt this same kind of peace every time I have made it through some struggle for a righteous purpose.

“May every spouse, every child, and every parent… become more consistent in the seemingly small things that matter so much.” ~ Elder David A. Bednar

We all have different challenges and weaknesses, but we can all also prayerfully commit to perfecting ourselves. As we develop a personal relationship with the Savior, our conversion becomes deeper. And for that I know we will be greatly blessed.


In the October 2013 General Conference, Elder Hamilton of the Seventy said, “May we choose to be diligent and gain the great blessings and protections that come from gathering together and keeping covenants. May we continually hold fast to the iron rod that leads to the presence of our Heavenly Father.”

I would love to hear how other girls and women around the world make small and great sacrifices each day as they live the gospel.

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