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This month, I gained a new appreciation for children sharing their testimonies during sacrament meeting. I used to think it was all just an annoyance because half the time they all say the same thing. However, this month during our fast and testimony meeting, two children got up and said things that were both hilarious and strikingly true.

The first little boy got up and told a story about how he was surfing in California and fell off his board. It sort of sounded like maybe he was getting pulled under (it was very unclear what happened), but then he concluded with, “I know that if we are all righteous, Jesus can save our lives.” Another young girl got up and concluded her testimony by saying that she knew Joseph Smith was a real Prophet because when he found the gold plates, he didn’t build a big house; he translated them. The reason these two statements changed the way I see children sharing their testimonies is because they were true and simple logic. If we are righteous, Jesus can save our lives. And it is true that Joseph didn’t sell of the plates for monetary gain.

I think a lot of the time, as we grow older, we get caught up in the nitty gritty of the gospel, and we forget the logic of a child. Christ told us to be like little children, and I think that pure faith is part of that admonition. But I also think simple logic is part of becoming as a child. Sure, there are a lot of things that may not totally make sense in the Church, but do you remember when you realized Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God? For me, it was when I realized that he only had a few years of school. Do you remember when Jesus Christ’s Atonement or the plan of salvation clicked together? I can. If you are struggling with something in the gospel, go back to the moment you felt the truth of it. What gave you pause? What made you say, “Well, that makes sense,” or, “This has to be true!” Was it that Joseph Smith didn’t sell of the gold of the gold plates to make himself rich (because let’s be clear, he and Emma pretty much lived a life of poverty)? Was it when you finally repented of something, anything, and you felt the redemptive power of the Atonement? Was it when a family member (or a friend) died, and you felt that there was more to this life? Perhaps, if you can’t remember, go and talk to a child about it. I’m sure they can give you a logical explanation (well, maybe… some child logic really is more magical than anything else).

Next time you’re sitting in fast and testimony meeting, don’t roll your eyes when a child gets up. Instead, perk up, and listen to what they have to say. We have reminders in the scriptures that truths will be told from the mouths of babes, and I know that is true.

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