People have philosophized for centuries on the meaning of life. They’ve argued, delivered their cold realizations, and disagreed left and right. Not one philosopher, scientist, or religious leader has offered up a meaning to life that everyone can agree on.

I’d like to add my voice to the philosophers and thinkers of the world, but with a different spin.  I’m not trying to find the meaning of life. Honestly, I don’t want to find the meaning of life because it sounds too much like a definition, and dictionaries bore the living daylights out of me. C’mon, nobody sits down and reads a dictionary for fun.

Albert Camus said…


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I think that’s pretty true. Of course, we can’t just spend our time flitting through life willy-nilly without some kind of purpose.

Instead, I want to focus my time on finding the feeling of life.

As humans, we are blessed with the gift of emotions. We can feel. Even within basic feelings, like sadness and happiness, there are further emotions that we can feel! Euphoria, excitement, depression, anxiety, disgust, joy, wonder, and awe.

The feeling of life exists in these emotions and the opportunities that provide these emotions. Where would we be without the joy of sticking out head out the window of a car speeding down the road? Would times of happiness be as desirable without the times of deep sorrow that bring us crashing to our knees?  We wouldn’t know the difference without the intense spectrum of feelings we are privy to.

The feeling of life is somewhere in that spectrum, somewhere nestled between happiness and sadness. Or, who knows, maybe its far beyond either side, a total extreme that we won’t ever fully reach. It’s different for everyone.

Finding the feeling of life is one step above finding the meaning of life. You have to believe what Socrates said, that an “unexamined life is not worth living.”

Go ahead! Examine your life. When you find yourself feeling introspective while chowing down on a bowl full of Cheerios in the morning, I dare you to discover your feeling of life.

90851150-7aa6-4784-98ac-f9d48377cbfd Guest Post by Shelley Williams

Shelley Williams is studying Public Relations at Utah Valley University and works in the Publishing Services Department for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She is a cat-enthusiast, expert first-dater, and amateur free style rapper.

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