The Art of “Thank You”

As I stand in the check-out line at target, I hear screams of laughter and then see a toddler running from his mother. Clearly, he thinks this is a really fun game. I can’t say the mother had the same impression. We have all seen “bad” kids. At one point, I’m sure we have all fallen into that category. In an effort to change the opinions of fellow bystanders and target shoppers, our mothers have tried (and likely, continue to try) to teach us manners. From the list of such manners, I am a firm believer in saying “Thank You”.  Can you remember the last time someone said a sincere “Thank you”? These two words help others feel noticed and appreciated. They demonstrate your gratitude, awareness, and respect of the receiver. “Thank you” reminds you that we live in a world where people need people and their Savior. If two words have such power, then why don’t keep saying them and start writing them! Yes, write “Thank You” cards! Write “Thank You” cards to your mom for that homemade birthday cake you love. Write “Thank You” cards to your youth leaders that choose to spend their week nights and weekends investing in you. Write “Thank You” cards as a gift when you receive a gift. You get the idea.

Cards can be kept and re-read. They can also be really, really cute and/or homemade. If you are looking for a crafty Friday-night activity with your besties, make “Thank you” cards! To get you excited about the cards you are now going to write, here are some samples of what is out there and what you can DIY.


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Keep following mother’s counsel and say “Thank you!”

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