A- art gallery

B- bad mitten (glow in the dark version brake open glow sticks), Botanical gardens, bubbles, Barnes and Nobel

C- Chinese market- look around and get ingredients to make dinner

D- dancing: country, swing, Latin, kitchen, just dance; down town dining

E- exercise, exploding kittens (card game), eat local

F- fly a kite, fishing, finger painting, French toast and breakfast party

G- gingerbread house, game night, gelato

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H- hobo dinner and smores (camping themed), horse back riding, hula-hoop contest , hamburgers and fries, hikes

I- ice cream, ice skating, indoor go kart racing, IKEA

J- jazzercise

K- beginner karate class, kung pow chicken, kazoo-a-long, kissing rugby, kayaking

L- line dancing, lake, laser tag

M- movie night, marshmallow war, melon carving, minute to win it

N- ninja service, night games, neon bowling

O-  operation, Oscar Wilde read along with Oscar Mayer sandwiches

P- Peter Piper Pizza, paper-mache, puzzles, picnic, apple picking, pretzel making, paddle boarding

Q- quiche, 20 questions, quilt to donate

R- recipes, reading children’s books, reciting poetry, rap battles, recycled art

S- slip and slides, singing, sculpting, sight seeing, skate boarding, Segway tours, star gazing, self portraits

T- time travel, target shooting, trains, trampolines, tea party

U- unusual desserts

V- very fancy dinner party

W- watch Where the Wild Things Are

X- X-men movie party, xtreme water fights, xylophone concerts

Y- yodeling lessons, yoga class

Z- zoo, Zootopia movie party

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