Since it is the season of giving thanks, I wanted to touch on something I am especially thankful for the older I become, and that is my many faces. The many faces of my personality, that is! Sometimes we call someone “two-faced” for being one way in a certain instance, and the complete opposite in another. I am 100% guilty of this charge, so now I’ll tell you why I’m grateful for that fact!

In Junior High, I wore my insecure face many days. It seemed like I never had a steady best friend, but would bounce from friend to friend like a good pair of jeans. And of course, this bothered me. One day it seemed like I was good enough for Sally, we will call her, and the next moment I must have said something wrong and was left to find a new partner in crime. I was always trying to fit in and be who my friends wanted me to be, never really embracing my true identity. Well, the point is that I’m grateful for my insecure face. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to become much more approachable and empathetic in my later years. It seemed like I was always the go-to friend in High School. You know, the one that everyone wants to tell their problems but doesn’t really want to hear what I had to say? And I was okay with that. In fact, I liked it because I learned a great deal about people.

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Another face I carry is my straight up thoughtless face. This is the one I wore while out “water-cupping” people in the street (I think this is why Sonic now charges ten cents for water??) or putting duct tape on the road so that drivers would think they got a flat (never worked, by the way). The one I wore when I discluded a girl in my conversation because she was perceived as “weird” and I didn’t want to be associated with that. But yes, I am grateful for this face. Without this face, I would have never learned that people only do silly things because they don’t know any better – I’m speaking from experience, here! I have more love for people who cut me off in traffic or say rude comments every time I remember the young Aubrey, just trying to make it by in life without being squashed by the complexity of it.

And finally, I’m grateful for my curious face. Let me tell you, this face gets me into trouble way too many times to count! I am always that person eavesdropping on conversations I wasn’t supposed to hear. Or peeking at a gift I thought was for me but ends up being for my sister-in-law (lol!). This face can be quite annoying because I always come in on the middle of a conversation and everyone is forced to start from the beginning (I’m sure you can all think of someone who does this!). But at the end of the day, my curious face has also taught me so much about myself. It has driven me to do countless hours of research on ways I can care for the environment like composting, reducing my plastic usage, and so forth. It has driven me to do an in-depth study on Joseph Smith. It is what makes me the unique person that I am!

For the sake of space, I’m not going to go into all of the many faces I wear, but just know that they are there. It’s easy to see different parts of our personality and wish they were gone. I know I have done that many times to no avail. So instead, I have chosen to be grateful for the characteristics that make me unique, even the ones that might be a little flawed. Because it really is through our trials and experiences that we grow and are able to  overcome our imperfections. And one day when I see my face, I hope that it will be like unto the face of Christ, who is my exemplar.

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