It is probably my favorite time of the year—the time of the year when the sun starts to stick around a little longer, the trees regain their green leaves, and the weather finally starts to warm up after a long, cold winter. It is a beautiful time of year! Another aspect I love about springtime is the whole idea of ‘spring cleaning.’ I used to think of spring cleaning as scrubbing the bathtubs down and getting rid of old clothes. However, I have started to see this time of year as not only a time to clean up my house but also to clean up the truly important aspects of my life.

When my husband and I were first married, we took a semester off of school to work and save up money. I worked as a receptionist a day spa, and one of my jobs was to take inventory of all of the products that were for sale. Every couple of weeks I would print off a long list of everything they sold at the store in the salon (clothing, soap, lotions, candles, etc) and would count all of it. It was a tedious task that took a lot of concentration, but it was important so that we would know which things we needed to order more of, which things to order less of, and which things we completely needed to get rid of because they weren’t selling at all. Since then, I have found it so unbelievably important to regularly take inventory of my life. Maybe it is because of the new, fresh weather or because of the fact that general conference is right around the corner, but for whatever reason, I think this is a wonderful time to take a good, hard look at my life and determine if the habits I am in are leading me to where I want to end up.

It has also been helpful to step back and ask myself some questions. Am I progressing in my schoolwork, my relationships, and my spirituality? Am I diligent in communicating daily and sincerely with my Heavenly Father? Am I happy? Do I make others feel happy? Do I waste too much time? And if so, what am I wasting my time on?  

Obviously a lot of these questions are pretty personal, so I am not going to go super in-depth about everything I want to change/do better/stop doing, but I just wanted to say that it is so wonderful and so important to take a step back and look at the inventory of your life. Which items in your “store” do you need more of? Which things do you have enough of? And, which things should you be getting rid of all together? It really doesn’t take too long, and I recommend writing it all down somewhere, whether it be a journal, a blog, or even in your phone notes. If you do this every now and then, I promise you’ll see some amazing results in your life.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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