I love to get my sweat on! It’s probably one of my favorite things to do during my day. But even I get unmotivated sometimes. Over the last 15+ years, fitness has been a part of my everyday schedule, and I have found that the most fun way to get myself out of the “workout funk” is to find a new workout outfit! A new get-up to sweat in, gets me moving every time.

If you’re in need of some new training threads, or you want some workout motivation, you’re in luck because this post is about to give you a whole lot of ideas for cute, trending workout clothes and gear. I’ll post the more expensive option and then the “bargain” option as well. Go treat yo’ self to some “sweatin’ swag” real soon!


Short Sleeve Tops

Pricey Find:

Lululemon Love Crew 3

First up, is this adorable short-sleeved workout top from Lulu! It’s made with Pima Cotton which is that fabric that feels like butter. It’s so soft. It’s surprisingly breathable too! It’s also long enough in the front and back to tie a cute knot in. This is the more expensive option.

Bargain Find:

Core 10 Fitted Performance Tee

This cute shirt is a good ‘ol Amazon find! This is a lightweight, crew neck tee that fits true to size and looks good on everyone! The sizes range from xs-3xl. If you’re looking for a nice, “athleisure” look, this shirt is where it’s at!


Pricey Find:

Foresthill Tank

I love the trend of tucking! Tucking the front of this Athleta tank is the perfect way to wear it. High necked tanks are my favorite style to workout in. The have tons of coverage so I feel super comfortable moving around and they look great on every body type.

Bargain Find:

Women’s Tech Gear Tank from Kohl’s

This tank is a great bargain find if want want to look sporty in the high necked tank trend. The material it’s made of is designed to keep you dry during those sweaty workouts.



Pricey Find:

Wunder Under Hi-Rise Pant

These Lululemon pants are my ALL TIME favorite item of clothes to workout in! Yes, they are SUPER pricey, BUT they fit so snug, and I’ve never seen anyone feel uncomfortable in them. Did you know I modeled for our local Lululemon Store for a couple of their online promotions?! When I did that, I got my first taste of these miracle pants, and have never looked back!

Bargain Find:

Adidias 7/8 Tight

For the fraction of the price of the Lulu Wunder Under price, you can get these Adidas 7/8th, high waisted tights that are really cute and super comfy! They’re made of stretchy jersey, with mesh on the calves for extra airflow.


Pricey Find:

Run Times Short 3

I know what you’re thinking: “Not another outrageously priced Lulu short!” And you’d be right! Lululemon is SO expensive. I just have to post my FAVORITE, tried-and-true items! These workout shorts have a secret pocket to hold keys or any other valuables as you sweat it out. They also leave you feeling cool, yet covered! There’s a drawstring so you can customize your fit.

Bargain Find:

Gap 4-Way Stretch Short 

These breathable shorts are so functional. They have mesh up the side to keep you cool when you’re gettin’ after it at the track! You can’t beat the affordability either. Gap has a great active wear section!


Whatever you choose to wear them you workout, make sure you feel confident and ready to move. Find something that is functional for whatever activity you do to get active. Have fun finding a bargain! As you can see, there’s always a cheaper option when shopping trends.

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