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“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” ~Coco Chanel

I first chopped my long hair into a short bob in 9th grade. The change was so instantly dramatic that I loved it! A few years later, I tried a pixie cut and learned that short hair is perfect for me! It has since become a signature feature of my personality and style. Isn’t it amazing what a haircut can do?

The issue I faced with short hair is new ways of styling. I had my share of days with horrible bed-head, poofies, fly-a-ways, and frizzies. By playing with my short hair over the years, I’ve learned some facts applicable to everyone with short hair, regardless of hair type.


1. Don’t over blow dry: let your hair air dry about 50% (or or more in my case) before blow drying. This will give your cut natural-looking body. Try adding a little pomade or mousse while it air dries to get the style you are looking for.

2. Deep side parts for faux and/or fuller bangs: want to know how some models have the full sweeping bangs? It’s all about the deep part. For a clean look, pull the hair behind your ears and secretly add a bobby pin to hold it there (if needed).

3. Avoid heavy products: it’s easy to over-do short hair, especially if you are using the same products for your longer hair. Lighten up the product usage and avoid heavy gels. Mousse, hairspray, wax, or pomade sparingly, or like me, use very little to no styling product for daily dos (but please use heat protectant if adding heat!) However, the products you use (or don’t use) can vary by hair type.

4. A micro flat iron is your friend: I think this is self explanatory. Short hair calls for small tools. It will keep you from burning yourself and help you straighten the short spots.

5. Try & Practice: you should get to know your hair best – where your tough spots are, which way your bangs sit without a fight, what damages your hair, what makes it greasy, how it holds shape, what keeps it smooth, etc. I learned that there’s a wrapping technique used for pixie cuts (really short hair) that’s best for sleek looks and natural body (only blow drying for styling bangs or adding extra volume after my hair is nearly dry). How did I find out? I asked a professional that focuses on my type of hair. So, don’t be shy to ask your stylist for guidance! He/she sees all kinds of hair types and styles. They can point you in the right direction for styling and products, but it’s up to you to give things a try and see what works best.

For all of my “short hair” friends, what have you found that works for you?

By Rhea Maynes

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Editors Note:  I stole this off of Rhea’s Facebook page.  Her short hair, earrings and dress are amazing!!  Thought I would show you this beautiful girl!


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