What’s your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day? Maybe you love the boxes of Sweethearts candy or getting the chance to wear your heart-shaped purse? While I’m sure many things make the list, nothing can top spending time with those you love!

Whether you are spending this Valentine’s Day with your best friends or your boyfriend, we are all asking ourselves, “What will I wear?” I most certainly have a few ideas on my mind—especially since I love the color red! Pinterest and bloggers are full of outfit inspirations that nearly convince me I need a new wardrobe. But before heading to the store for all things in “the color of love,” I take a second look at my closet for a more budget-friendly approach. Rather than focusing on what I don’t have, I take the things that I do and come up with a chic way to accessorize. I’ve found ways to transform any outfit into a stylish Valentine’s Day look by adding a red watch, flirty shoes, or statement earrings (perhaps, all three). I’ve learned that you don’t have to be extra (or spend money) to be spirited. Take the challenge to get creative! And if you want to splurge, I recommend a red purse; believe me, you’ll use it all year ’round (unless it’s heart-shaped)!

For style avec amour (with love), I created a few snatched V-Day outfits you may want to save for later. While you might not have all of these items in your closet, use them for inspiration!

V-Day to Night


V-Day Bright


Romantic All Day

VDay Red Accents Day Wear


VDay Red Accents Day Wear


V-Day Red & Black

VDay Red & Black


VDay Red & Black


Cozy and Casual

VDay Converse


VDay with Converse


V-Day Every Day

VDay Casual


VDay Casual

All outfits styled by Rhea Maynes

What are you wearing this Valentine’s Day? Don’t forget to share with #itsmytimeto

Avec Amour,
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