One of my biggest passions besides being a mom is being a stylist. I love doing hair and makeup and helping others feel beautiful about themselves! I have so many favorite trends right now it’s hard to narrow them all down but today I will share just a few! Sometimes as a mom, I get super busy and don’t have tons of time to spend on myself. There are a lot of days when I have hair that hasn’t been washed in 2 days (yes, this is normal for me- I’m a twice a week washer ;)) and I have about 15 minutes to apply my makeup, get my hair done, and be out the door. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has days like this! But when I have no time- one of my go to hairstyles is either a braid or a bun of some sort! They are super easy to do but yet so cute and stylish! Also if your hair is long enough- go for a high pony tail! I LOVE them! My hair isn’t quite the right length so personally I go for a low bun or top knot!


When it comes to makeup- most of the time I keep it natural. It’s fun to do a heavy look now and then but for the most part- we just want it to enhance our natural features! My makeup must haves include: Nerium day cream as my primer, foundation, a setting powder, brows, a matte eyeshadow (I’m loving the mattes right now!), eyeliner, and mascara of course! If there is a day when I don’t do my hair and end up just throwing it up, I use a brighter lipstick to “fancy” up my whole look! Maybe that’s cheating the system but hey it helps!



Some of my favorite hair products I use right now are dry shampoo, texture spray, and some sort of root boost. Even when my hair is clean I spray a little dry shampoo in it. It adds a great texture before I curl my hair and when I finish it off with the texture spray I get exactly that- lots of texture and my hair is playable! I also have fine, flat hair so for me this is necessary!
When it comes to beauty I always love to stick to more natural looks. We are already beautiful so let’s not go too extreme and stray too far from who we are!
Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 5.45.33 PMGuest Post by Kori Thompson
Hi! I’m Kori Thompson. Lover of all things beauty, mom of 2 handsome little boys, wife to Tyler, and a Mormon. I work at habit salon one day a week and work as a mom the other 6 days. I serve in the young women presidency and absolutely love serving with the girls and being around their amazing testimonies and spirits. A lot of my life I have struggled with insecurities especially when it comes to my looks. With the help of my husband and the love of our Heavenly Father I have been able to see the true meaning of being beautiful even though I have thrust myself into a world that cares only of outer beauty. I have come to find who I am on the inside is the most important and enjoying who I am on the outside is a fun way to express the girl on the inside! I love helping girls see their worth and feel it’s one of the most important parts of a testimony- realizing that we are daughters of God. Once we find that out and truly feel of our worth and His love we become the daughters He intended us to be. Thanks for reading and I’m so glad to be a part of this blog and share my thoughts!
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