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Those chilly winter months are just around the corner, and that means we’re going to be spending a lot more time indoors. Pale skin is beautiful, but some people (like me) start to get pasty white and almost look sick because of the lack of sun they get. That is why I love self tanners! They give you a little bit of extra color during the months where you lack it. Here are some examples of the difference adding a little bit of warmth to your skin can make:

I think there may still be some hesitation for many people to use self tanners because they hear horror stories of people turning orange from fake tans. Although there are many self tanners that will turn your skin orange, there are also many kinds that have a natural tan tint. Here are some tips and tricks for getting a natural-looking fake tan.

1. Prep the Canvas (Your Skin)

For a long lasting even tan, make sure to exfoliate your skin before using a self tanner. This gets rid of any dead skin so that the self tanner can be fresh and as long lasting as possible. Exfoliation is key! Any type of body scrub will work perfectly, but heres one that I suggest.

Then before you use the self-tanner, make sure skin is clean. In order for the ingredients to go on smoothly, it’s best if your skin is clean.

2. Moisturize Dry Patches

Before you apply the self-tanner, put lotion on areas like your elbows, hands/fingers, ankles, feet/toes, and any other dry patches on your skin. After that has soaked in, you can move on to the next step

3. Smooth it Out

I like to start with the big areas of my skin like my arms, legs, chest, back, and neck. As you apply the product, you might see streaks of color. I like to rub these streaks in circles until they are blended. After I have applied the product to the larger areas, I then do my feet and toes. For the smaller areas I like to use a little bit less product because these areas tend to get darker. I wash my hands thoroughly and then finish by applying the self tanner to the back of my hands and rubbing the backs together without touching my palms. I usually will self tan about an hour before bed so that the self-tanner has time to dry before I go to bed. I wash it off in the morning.

3. Moisturize

It’s important to moisturize your skin a lot after self tanning to prevent the color from cracking or coming off unnaturally. This will also prolong the tan. I recommend putting on lotion every morning and night after self tanning.

4.Choose the Right Product

There are so many different types of self-tanners out there, and they are all very different. There are foams, mousses, lotions, gels, and sprays. I have experimented over the years and have come to prefer the ones that you can see as your putting it on. So I definitely prefer colored self tanners over clear ones. I also like the sprays for my neck and face but not for my whole body because it gets everywhere, and it’s hard to keep it even. I like foams a lot, and I don’t mind lotions if they have a tint to them. I would suggest trying a couple different ones and deciding what you prefer. Also, I would suggest doing it for the first time when you can cover up or don’t have to be around a lot of people, because it takes practice to get it to look even and natural sometimes. Below is one of my favorite products.

Enjoy your tan skin this winter πŸ™‚

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