The secret to success in life? Well, let my 21-year-old self tell you what success in life is. Let me tell you the secret of how to have a perfect life. Let me promise you will have 100% success if you just act by this one word. Just kidding, I know close to nothing about a successful life. But what I do know is how I’ve had success in my life so far. I will let you in on a secret of how I’ve traveled the world, maintained a healthy lifestyle, been independent, and gained a testimony of the gospel. Through my experiences, I’ve narrowed it down to one word. Yes, one word:



Simple, yet so true!

Secret to building a solid relationship? Work.

Secret to traveling the world? Work.

Secret to losing weight? Work.

Secret to getting straight A’s? Work.

Secret to buying your dream car? Work.

Secret to gaining a testimony? Work.


You will have a hard time getting anywhere worth going in this life without working for it! I was lucky enough to be taught the importance of hard work growing up, which has taught me EVERYTHING. Saving up to buy a car takes work; getting good grades takes (so much) work; and gaining a testimony and knowledge of this gospel takes work. Lately, I’ve been working on building a healthier lifestyle, and that takes tons of work. But that being said, it has definitely paid off. I saved up and bought my own car at 19, and I’ve worked so hard to get into school. I’ve worked even harder to fund my traveling obsession. And let me tell you, it has been so worth it!!! I am the biggest believer that it’s important to WORK HARD AND PLAY HARDER!


Though working hard to buy something physically can be awesome, working to gain a testimony might possibly be the most rewarding. To strengthen that relationship with Heavenly Father is so gratifying, but let me be honest, it takes real effort. But in the end being solid in the gospel with bring success in your life!

So go for it. Shoot for something, and work hard at it. Whether it’s a buying something you’ve always wanted, or something as beautiful as reading the whole Book of Mormon, nothing is better than working for something and finally getting it. I believe in just going for your dreams, and I BELIEVE IN YOU! Shoot for the stars, and more importantly WORK HARD TO REACH THEM!


“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” -Gordon B. Hinckley


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