Scotland- the land of rolling green hills, quaint towns, bagpipes, and castles. It is a place unlike any other, with thick Scottish accents echoing in the streets and strong diversity between cities and the countryside. While there are many wonderful places to visit, these are some of my favorite attractions when visiting Scotland:

Edinburgh Castle

Located in the center of Edinburgh, the castle is built on a volcanic rock, which allows it to tower above the rest of the city. The castle was originally built in the 12th century, but unfortunately, it was torn down and rebuilt a few times. There is a part of the castle, though, St. Margaret’s Chapel, that still stands with all its history and beauty. The castle has served many royals, including Mary, Queen of Scots, who gave birth to her only child there (King James I). Standing inside the castle provides an absolutely incredible view of Edinburgh, and the unique combination of Old Edinburgh and New Edinburgh.

Medieval Old Town

Once outside the castle, there is a mile-long street lined with medieval buildings, churches, and shops. It feels like you’ve stepped into the Medieval period, with all the old architecture still in tact. It really makes it feel like you’ve travelled back in time, and are seeing what Edinburgh looked like when peasants, merchants, and royals lived there. At the end of “The Royal Mile” is the Holyrood Palace, which is Queen Elizabeth II’s residence in Edinburgh.

William Wallace Monument

William Wallace, a 13th century Scottish hero known for his success at the battle of Stirling, has a 220-foot monument dedicated to his story and his legacy. The monument is unbelievable, with the story of Wallace unraveling on each floor of the monument. Standing atop the monument, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine what life would’ve been like in the 13th century. I’m a bit of a history lover, so this monument was probably one of my favorite things I saw in Scotland.

 St. Andrews

 This is where Prince William and Kate Middleton met and attended school (Ah!). I was only a little bit excited to see where their love bloomed, because Kate Middleton is all around the best. St. Andrews is the location of the infamous campus, as well as the most famous golf course in the world. This isn’t too surprising since the Scottish invented golf!

These are only a few of the amazing places and sights to see in Scotland, but I hope it at least gave you a glimpse into what the country has to offer. I highly recommend visiting Scotland, even if it’s only for a day; especially since it is only a train ride from countries like England and Wales. Just make sure you go when it is a little warmer. The wind in Scotland can be unforgiving!










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