Ah, roses. A symbol of love. Or friendship. (I never quite understood all the meanings of the different colors, but I digress.) Ever since I worked at MAC, and they came out with a rose-scented perfume, I’ve been obsessed with the scent. I love smelling like my grandma’s potpourri! Not only is the smell amazing but roses are naturally chalk full of amazing ingredients. Rose oil has antioxidants & vitamins and can also help fight acne because of its antibacterial properties. It is soothing for eczema and rosacea, and its naturally occurring vitamin C helps protect skin against environmental damage. Rose oil also locks in moisture and is amazing for dry or mature skin.


Lots of beauty companies have jumped on the rose bandwagon and are incorporating it into their products, much to my delight. Here are some of my favorites:


EO wild rose & coconut conditioning serum: rose oils strengthen hair while 7 other oils restore moisture and soften split ends

Jurlique hand cream: moisturizes and soothes with a soft scent of roses. this brand also has amazing Rosewater products

Korres wild rose eye treatment: minimizes fine lines and dark circles with the brightening effect of rose oil

Fresh rose cleansing foam: this cleanser is combined with rosewater and cucumber, which restores and balances without stripping

L’occitane rose soap: this eco-friendly soap cleanses the skin without drying it and has a soft rosy scent

Roses de Chloe perfume: my current favorite perfume: just the right combo of flowery and delicate

Lush bath bomb: I gave this one to my girlfriends last year in our “favorite things” exchange; I love that it has real rose petals in it and the naturally calming scent of rose

Rosebud salve: multi-purpose balm that can smooth chapped skin and lips, tame flyaways and even be used on diaper rash!

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