I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately. Mostly because I now have a daughter, but also because I got a whole lot more “kids” with my calling in Young Women and as a track coach. I’m not only their leader, but I also want to be an example to them.

My mom always said, “Strong is beautiful.” Almost all of us kids have been into sports, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have our own struggles. She was very careful not to mention our weight and always made a point how weight doesn’t matter unless we’re lifting it. Honestly she would kick my trash in a bicycle spin class. I saw her work out often, take care of her health, be the best mom/wife and be her own kind of strong.

It hit me real hard the other day,  when a girl said “Coach D, when I grow up and have kids I want to look just like you.” I remember being young, being a teenager with insecurities and trying to find ways to squish those little demons. Back then, social media wasn’t as big of a deal as it is today. My role models were my parents, church leaders and athletes I looked up to. Today, people check instagram, hashtags and magazines and the “ideal” body image is off the charts.

My body used to be straight as an arrow. To some that may sounds “awesome,” but to me I looked like a boy. I hated the way I was shaped; I had no curves; I was so skinny (healthily). I was always jealous of my friends whom I thought looked so good, whom most boys went after. Here is the kicker, they too had their own insecurities; they too weren’t happy with their bodies.


As an athlete, I didn’t have much time for boys anyways. I was too busy working out. Track was my escape place, where I didn’t think about my “body issues” because we all were and looked athletic.

One day, it hit me real quick all at once.

“Fatty, you are one beautiful daughter of God.” Heavenly Father created me this way, so I needed to realize that in His eye I was beautiful. I’ve always been outgoing, loud, and a happy person. I do remember during that period of my life, how I wasn’t happy. I was insecure and I let doubt creep in more than I’d like to admit.

Girls, you are all so beautiful, in your own unique ways.

I don’t want you to have a body complex, nor feel inadequate or compare yourself to someone else thinking you need to have their body. I want you to value your health. I want you to respect your body and ensure that you are respected by others. I want you to keep your health a focus and priority, create healthy habits throughout your lives. I want you to be the best versions of yourselves and be physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong.

You see, excuses ain’t cute, but confidence is. I want you to look in the mirror tonight, tell yourself that you are enough and that you are beautiful and strong. Rock whatever body shape you have; don’t let social media tell you what you should look like. Who cares if you’re too curvy, too tall, too short, too skinny ,or too muscly (is that a word?)!

unnamed 2

I hope you know how much you matter to our Heavenly Father. That He loves you just the way you are. When he thinks of you, he smiles real big. You are not overlooked, not even for a second. Don’t ever be ashamed of who you are. Embrace yourself. Love what you can do, and accept what you can’t. Be proud of yourself. Love your differences, and most importantly LOVE YOURSELF.


IMG_3242Hi, I’m Fatima! I was born and raised in Sweden with my 7 siblings. I attended Brigham Young University where I also competed for the track and field team. I met my husband in Utah and we were sealed in the Salt Lake temple 2012. We have two children, Noah and Olivia that we adore. Aside from being a mom, I’m a fashion/fitness blogger over at (http://www.stylefitfatty.blogspot.com). Looking forward to get to know you all!

Instagram: @stylefitfatty

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