When I was in seminary, I remember my teacher shared with us the importance of recording the things we learned, the impressions that came to our mind. My mother was also an avid note-taker, and my dad would often share things with the family that he had recorded in journals. My journals started shifting from detailed events of my day-to-day life to the feelings and things I had learned through each event. I had filled countless journals since I had been given my first journal at my baptism.

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Elder Richard G. Scott said, “Write down in a secure place the important things you learn from the Spirit. You will find that as you write down precious impressions, often more will come. Also, the knowledge you gain will be available throughout your life.” (Richard G. Scott, 2002).

Last night I was going through old notes I have been saving for over ten years. Some were in old emails and most were on the Note app on my phone. I’ve recorded many impressions here that come to my mind at all hours of the day or night. Sometimes there is a little gibberish at 3 am, but I can usually get the gist of what I was trying to write down and I clarify it in the morning. When I have a dream, I try remember as many details as I can, but I really focus on the feelings in the dream. I try to include a sentence or two about how it could relate to something I’m currently going through.

As I scrolled through my notes, a couple of them stood out to me more than others. I found that it was exactly what I needed to read and remember. I was grateful that I had taken the time to write them down at the time I did or I might have missed the little pearls of wisdom that had guided me through my current trial.

Elder Scott went on to say, “Always, day or night, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, seek to recognize and respond to the direction of the Spirit. Express gratitude for the help received and obey it. This practice will reinforce your capacity to learn by the Spirit. It will permit the Lord to guide your life and to enrich the use of every other capacity latent in your being. (Richard G. Scott, 2002).

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