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Between my work as a Wardrobe Stylist and deep roots as a girly girl, I have spent countless hours researching fashion and beauty and love every aspect. In a world that places so much emphasis on appearance, it is increasingly important to take time to unplug from society’s views of beauty and make our own, focusing on what matters most. I approached Kori’s real beauty discussion by turning to a book I’ve consulted more often than my In Style magazine, Webster’s Dictionary, and when looking at beauty from a defined standpoint, it became clear that real beauty has nothing to do with the latest fashion trend or having the prettiest hair.

When it comes to authentic beauty, I place kindness at the top of my list for myself, as well as what I see in others. Being kind all the time is something I know I’m not perfect at, but still strive for in my daily interactions with everyone I come in contact with. It’s not as simple as applying the perfect shade of lipstick because it takes much more effort. Outer beauty can be changed in an instant, while building character takes both commitment and time. I just love meeting new people and I’ve seen how they become more beautiful as I watch the ways they treat others and the thoughtful things they say about their friends when they aren’t around. When people are kind, it shows in their eyes and their faces. The outcome is a visible brilliance in their appearance, which outshines even the sparkliest statement necklace.

Sometimes women place so much emphasis in caring for others that they neglect themselves in the process, but I don’t fear I will become overly selfless. I was taught by my mother to take care of myself and I am quick (probably too quick) to buy myself a new top or indulge in an at- home mani/pedi when I need a pick me up.


I’ve also turned to a brightly colored lipstick or a sequin shoe to lift my mood. It becomes a balancing act as thinking about myself too much doesn’t bring happiness either. I feel the most beautiful when I strike harmony with inner and outer beauty. My best days happen when I have taken time for myself to select an outfit I feel pretty in, am wearing accessories which match my fashion personality, and after viewing my look from head to toe, walking away from my full length mirror. When I take time to choose the clothing that best flatters my figure, the magic happens when I don’t have to think about it anymore! I close the door to my dressing room ready to take on the day and care for the people I love, snuggle my husband and two boys, and help others to see their real beauty.

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