“Congratulations” are in order for some of our blossom readers! You’ve worked hard for many years to walk across a stage and accept a diploma. The time is now yours to celebrate this great achievement—graduation! But, planning for graduation day can be quite a rush. From studying for finals to welcoming family and friends, when do you find the time to solve the less important, game-day issues like, “What do I wear under my gown?” and “How do I style my hair with this cap?” Fear not, and see our last-minute style tips below! But, never forget, there’s nothing that will change what matters the most under the cap and gown, and that’s you—you earned the robes, so wear them proudly!


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Dress, skirt, or pants? What do I wear under my gown?

Wear what makes you feel the most confident and comfortable.

Confident: When I dress up, I feel confident! The proper dress code is business casual, but you can take it up a notch to match your tastes. Keep skirts and dresses knee or mid length so they fit underneath your gown. If you prefer a pair of pants, try something more slimming like a cigarette pant. Graduation is in spring, so stick with spring colors. White is a classic choice since it goes with every color of gown.

Comfortable: You’ll likely wear your gown for 2-4 hours, and if graduation is outside, the polyester gown may make you sweat. Short-sleeved and breathable attire will help you stay fresh. Just in case, pack some tissues. If you don’t sweat, your best friend may need them for her tears.

Heels or no heels?

This one is tricky. When you walk across the stage, the only part of your outfit showing are your shoes! I remember my mom running up with her iPad to take a picture of me receiving my diploma, and the only thing that gave me a feminine edge in the large gown were my heels. I don’t regret the high heels, but I do recommend leaving a pair of flats with a family member in the audience. Once photos are done, give your feet a rest!


What about my hair?

When you have a bad hair day, what do you do? Okay, there are many answers to that question, but one is “wear a hat.” Fortunately, whether or not you are having a bad hair day, you can pull off the graduation cap with a little prep.

Short Hair: Pull the cap back a little bit and let your bangs show. Side sweep your bangs and wear some cute earrings.

Medium Hair: Soft curl your hair. When the cap comes off, tease it a bit with your hands. You’ll avoid the appearance of hat-hair because your hair is slightly curled.

Long Hair: Curl it up! Once you remove the cap, avoid the hat-hair with the “one-minute half-up knot.” You can also do a half-up Dutch braid before or after wearing your cap.




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