Don’t you hate when suddenly it’s Christmas Eve and you’re wondering where the Christmas season went?! This year I’m trying to be very deliberate about my Christmas season. And frankly, I’m being very possessive of it. How? One word: presence.

No, not presents—presence! I want to be fully present this Christmas season. I want to enjoy all the festivities: the Christmas tree decorating, by the fire hot chocolate sipping, the glad tidings bringing, the Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas watching, and on others focusing.
But there’s one way of focusing on others that I’m eliminating this Christmas season, and that’s social media. Yes, social media can be wonderful, we all know that! But social media can also take us away from the present moment. And that’s the last thing I want this Christmas season!
So that’s why I’m being a little bit “possessive” of the holidays this year. I want to experience all of it! And when it’s time to pack up the tree and ring in the new year, it will still be bittersweet, but I’ll know I didn’t let this wonderful, Christ-centered season go by unappreciated.

0988 Interview by Alexis Arias, Blossom’s Expert Learner






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