Everyday, I sit in my car in the pickup line at my daughter’s elementary school. I park next to a big, beautiful, grassy field. One day, last year, as I sat and waited for my little sweetheart to get out of school, I noticed that there were men working in the grassy field. They were working hard to cover half of the huge field with rock! WITH ROCK! I was so confused. Why on earth would someone want to get rid of all that beautiful grass that the kids ran in everyday? I had to laugh and take a step back when I found myself getting upset over a field that wasn’t even in my neighborhood. I found out later that the HOA wanted to save water and money by killing the beautiful grass and covering it with rock.

This little story of the field reminded me of a book I read by Patricia Holland called, “Strength and Stillness”. In it she uses the analogy of pitchers of water, to describe our lives and testimonies. By doing the “small and simple things”, like reading our scriptures and saying our daily prayers, we fill our “pitchers” with a drop of water at a time. As our pitcher gets full, we are able to water the things around us, through service. But we cannot serve those around us, until we have filled our “pitchers” first! As women and girls, we feel that we can “do it all”! Although we are blessed to be in the sisterhood of womanhood, and there is so much strength in being a woman, we need to remember, “…by small and simple things, are great things brought to pass.” (Alma 37:6)

“With our pitchers, we attempt to water a field [instead of] a garden.” (Strength And Stillness, Patricia Holland) This visual made me stop in my tracks and evaluate my life. With my “pitcher”, was I trying to water a field, like the dying field by my house, or was I serving those closest to me and creating a beautiful garden? Heavenly Father wants us to make “beautiful gardens”, not dying fields! The “small and simple things” are really the “big and important things”.

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