Fall is my favorite season. I love the color changes, warm smells, and, of course, pumpkin picking. Since this was my first fall in New England, I participated in the apple and pumpkin picking tradition. The pumpkin patch I visited contained a variety of pumpkins such as fairytale, full moon, Cinderella, and (traditional) howden pumpkins—all great for decorating or carving. There were Fat, tall, skinny, stubby, warped, scarred, and wortted pumpkins. Generally your first thought is, “How ugly!” But as I looked more carefully, I began to love them all for their character! Isn’t it amazing how no pumpkin at a pumpkin patch is perfect? Sure, you can find one nearly perfect, but every bump, bruise, and shape make them unique. Most importantly, they continue to grow, get plump, and individually picked despite these imperfections. So, I tried something new this year:  Instead of seeking the most perfect pumpkin, I picked one with character that resembled my own. Now, I have a unique and cute autumn friend like no other!


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The interesting parallel: In a funny way, pumpkins are like people. No one is perfectly shaped or clean. Some have scars and bruises, but each continues to grow and heal. It’s these differences in appearance that create character. Just as I’m proud of the pumpkin I picked, I’m also proud of who I am from my physical flaws to all of the internal and external scars I’ve acquired. I have healed and continue to grow stronger. So, the next time you’re at a pumpkin patch, look for a pumpkin with character like your own. It might not have a perfect appearance, but it’s perfect the way it is! Just like you!

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Pumpkin Patch



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