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Small and Simple

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the “big” things in life. I can think of several times in my life where either I or someone I know has said something along the lines of, “I just want to be done with school, move out of my parents house, and have a […]

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Why You Should Watch the “Be One” Event

June 1st was the 40th anniversary of the revelation that extended priesthood ordination to all men and priesthood covenants to all worthy members of the Church. Prior to this revelation, those of African descent were banned from these blessings. I know that for many my age, this Church policy has been a struggle and testimony […]

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Improve Your Public Speaking

Taking a public speaking class. Working as a radio and television anchor and reporter. Enrolling in a persuasive writing. These were by far the most painful growing pains I endured, and yet, they were the most freeing because I found my voice and realized I can do hard things. Brigham Young University professor Steve Fidel […]

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Fashion Super Powers – Part 1

When someone says “New York City and Paris”, what comes to mind? Perhaps, you think of monuments like the Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower, or world class museums like the MET and Louvre. But, let’s not forget fashion. Women in NYC and Paris have “je ne sais quois”, or “I don’t know what” when […]

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Sing Loud

  D&C 25:12 tells us that the song of the righteous is a prayer unto God. My patriarchal blessing repeats this blessing and admonishes me to play and sing the hymns of Zion. Hymns are an important aspect of the gospel and of our connection to God; yet, it seems to me, that those of […]

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Teeth Whitening Methods

(photo: Tarte Cosmetics) Over the years me and my sisters have tried many different forms of teeth whitening and each have been effective but only one has been long lasting, cheap, and had great results. I want to share all of the different methods of teeth whitening that i’ve tried, how they work, and their […]

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Sweet Happy Hacks

source We all know that good lemonade needs the sour and the sweet. And things happen to everyone that are “sour,” but it is our responses to life’s lemons that make us bitter or sweet. “Lemons” are almost always unplanned and undesirable, at least initially. A lemon in your life could be that all of […]

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Go For It

(photo) When I was growing up, I didn’t feel like I was super “great” at any one thing. I played different sports here and there, did a gymnastics class or two, and tried piano lessons a few times, but nothing ever really stuck with me. I remember one of my friends was an amazing dancer […]

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The Atonement Will Always Be There

We recently learned of devastating news happening to some of our dearest friends. Compounding the devastating news was the fact that one of the parties involved seemed non-repentant. The day we learned this news, I had read in 1 Nephi19 about the Savior taking upon himself the Atonement for all the children of the world. […]

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