More Fit for the Kingdom

I am the “health and fitness” writer for this awesome blog. So when I recently heard the word “fit” in two very different settings, the intrigue set in. My ears perked up, and I have been “obsessing” over the connection that these two opposite situations have. The first situation happened when one of my close […]

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Capsule Beauty Collection

New Years Capsule Beauty Collection (Photo cred:bloglovin’.com) For the new year, I think something that would be fun to do is create your own capsule beauty collection. What do I mean by that? Have you ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? It is where you have a collection of a few essential clothing items that […]

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A Happier 2018

This year when I made my resolutions of what I want to do different, change, or improve, I decided I want to be happier in 2018. photo source  Lose 10 minutes on social media every day – It’s hard, but put your phone down and step away from the computer. Take your headphones out and just […]

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Conversation Heart Macarons

My last attempt at making macarons (the cookie that broke the internet) started and ended with my buying special refined sugar. It was then that I decided that their had to be an easier way. Maybe your cooking efforts will be better than mine, but this year I’ll be buying my cookies from AJ’s Fine […]

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