When planning out your week, you may have your normal work schedule, an appointment on Tuesday, and movies on Saturday—but do you ever schedule in time to be happy?

Now I don’t think just penciling in “be happy” at 8:45 am on Thursday will add to your happiness. Instead consider what things make you happy. Get a paper and write them down. My list included things like: yoga, reading my scriptures, sketching, hanging out with my family and friends, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and clean sheets. And when I schedule them in week it looks like:

  • 10 minutes of scriptures after I eat breakfast every morning
  • Yoga at 6:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Put my sheets in the wash Thursday morning before work
  • Family dinner on Sunday and bring ice cream to share

I am a little old school, and I like to physically write things down, this year I have been using my Passion Planner, and I really love it. (Passion Planners are super awesome in helping you crush your goals and map out your dreams. I highly recommend them.) In every month of my Passion Planner it has a monthly overview that provides ideas and areas to focus and fill out, such as people to see, places to go, and a not to-do list. Before my planner I had never considered having a “not to-do list.” So along with planning out things that make you happy maybe consider things that trigger unhappiness like: scrolling too long on social media, negative self talk, a certain show on Nextflix, dairy (sometimes it hurts my stomach), etc.


My little sister is serving an LDS mission in Salt Lake City West right now, and in her first email in the MTC she talked about her not to-do list in her own way…

“…No joke the term ‘we keep you busy in the MTC’ is the BIGGEST understatement in the world. Literally every min is planned and every second you have something to do . . . but for the record people I didn’t cry . . . and for the record once more DON’T PLAN ON CRYING ABOUT BEING HOME SICK ain’t no one got time for that here . . .  crying time was not on our schedule for this week or next week or the week after that soooo if it’s not on the schedule I literally don’t have time for it AT ALL.

(my sister Abby, two wonderful Korean sisters, and Sister Mozo in the MTC)

And though it hasn’t been on her schedule, she has been fighting some serious homesickness once she got out in the mission field. But she battles it with her positive perspective and says there are “no bad weeks” on the mission just “big learning lessons.”

You have to make time to do the things that you know add to your happiness. And if you start your week thinking about adding happy factors in, your week will already be off to a good start with a positive outlook.  

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