Photo Credit: La Babioles De Zoe

You know what I love about Nike and Converse? They are both so different yet their differences make them cool! Nike understands athletics, while Converse understands personal style. They know their brands and communicate it so well that we all recognize their logos and know their strengths. What about your brand? Do you know your brand and communicate it so well that others recognize your style and know your strengths?

What is a personal brand? It’s what people immediately recognize as “you”. You communicate your brand to the world by expressing who you are, what you do , and why you do it. We are always communicating a message by how we spend our time, what we post online, and how we look. Take a second and at look the last 10 photos you’ve posted to Instagram. What do they reveal about you? You love spending time with your friends? Or your an aspiring photographer? Ok, we are all aspiring to take beautiful photos for our latest post (guilty!), but consider the message you send based on the content and comments. While we can’t control what others may think of us, we can control the message we send. Don’t forget it: We have complete control over the brand we create!

But how do you develop your brand? Here are the three easy steps. First, recognize what is already a part of your brand. Second, make a list of what you want your brand to be. Finally, cultivate your vision! We cultivate our personal brands when we communicate a consistent message consistently. Someone you describe as a competitive dancer probably communicates this message through frequent practice coupled with a focus on bettering herself and her dance. Building your brand won’t happen overnight, but it starts today. Keep doing “you”, and soon others will recognize your brand just as they recognize Nike and Converse.

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