Sometimes in life we do things we NEVER thought we would, or should. For me, this includes developing a more natural lifestyle and approach to health. One reason is because it’s better for Mother Earth and secondly, I am practicing embracing my inner and natural beauty!

Growing up, I loved make up, shaving pretty much every hair on my body, pulling all-nighters, diet foods, fragrant body perfumes, and the list goes on. But like I said, over the years and after plenty of research, I am becoming quite a hippie health gal!

Recently, I’ve done things like…

  • Not shave my armpits or legs for three months because I read about the health benefits (this didn’t last long because I honestly felt so self-conscious!!) Maybe another time…haha
  • Got rid of my beloved candle collection and switched to an essential oil diffuser
  • Threw away many of our foods that have too many ingredients to count – chocolate is still an exception for now hehe 😉
  • Replaced diet soda and Crystal Lite with water
  • *Tried* to maintain a consistent nighttime and morning routine!! Not so easy for me since I am such a night owl

Okay so I definitely don’t think you should try all of these products at once BUT here are some of my favorite natural health and wellness alternatives:

Cosmetic: I pretty much only wear make up on Sundays, but when I do I use…

  • PowderJane Iredale | Very light and natural looking
  • BlemishesRMS Beauty Cover Up | I don’t use this very often but it’s nice to have
  • Lip balmBurt’s Bees & Primally Pure | The latter has better ingredients than Burt’s Bees but it isn’t as thick so I find that I have to reapply more often (I have really chapped lips)
  • Don’t pop zits!!! – This is so hard for me since this is my favorite pastime (ha!) but I have read multiple times how bad it is on your skin so I am finally doing it

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  • Dry shampooBaking soda
  • Shampoo – I have yet to try Innersense Organic Beauty out, but I only formally wash my hair once a week. The other days I use water and baking soda
  • Split endsMoroccan oil | This stuff smells amazing & leaves my hair feeling silky smooth
  • Hair dryer – The magic of air! Braid hair before it’s dried for a cute beach wave
  • Natural highlight techniques – sunlight 🙂 I have also heard that lemon juice works but haven’t tried that…


  • Soap – I buy homemade soap bars from local markets (similar here)
  • DeodorantPrimally Pure is amazing!! It’s pricey but worth it since the ingredients are top notch and it isn’t an antiperspirant (our bodies are supposed to sweat!). The unscented is the best since essential oils cause gray pit stains. Try making your own with this recipe if you’re feeling extra motivated
  • Bath saltPrimally Pure | These salts are so rejuvenating and relaxing
  • Vitamins – Topical magnesium oil | I love this oil because it aids in digestion (score!) + much of our food comes from soil that is depleted of magnesium
  • Lotion – I make my own (recipe here)
  • Body brush – Good for overall skin health and cellulite
  • Foam roller – Something I use daily for rehabilitation after working out
  • Sun exposure – I attempt to get 15 minutes of uncovered sun exposure every day to get my dose of healthy vitamin D


  • Oil cleanse – Purchase here or make your own here for facial health and vibrancy! I make my own similar to the recipe but using argon oil instead since I already have some


  • Teeth whitenerCoconut oil. After flossing, swish with oil for about 5 minutes

Feminine Care:

  • Tampons – Non toxic tampons can be so darn expensive!! Since I switched to the diva cup, my periods have been far less intense and very cost effective. Caution: there is a learning curve
  • Cramp reliefEssential oil blend of lavender and peppermint

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  • Detergent – I have been dying to try soap nuts, so I will let you know how that goes when I do!
  • Fabric softener – Vinegar
  • Bedroom deodorizers – Levi’s room always smells like poo after his nap… :-/ I sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and diffuse essential oils
  • All purpose cleaner – I use a mixture of vinegar, water, and antibacterial essential oils such as lemon for my toilets, mirrors, sinks, dusty areas, and floors
  • Note: wash cloths are a nice alternative to paper towels and better for the environment, too!

***Inexpensive must haves: white vinegar & baking soda

I still have a ways to go but I am making progress. In the near future I would love to learn about compost and gardening!

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