With it being the season of gift giving and receiving, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that I love that also make easy gifts. If I had the time and skills, I would make a video of it and give it to you in true Julie Andrews form and sing “My Favorite Things” (insert awkward feeling emoji here)… but I will save you all and just spell it out for you.

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Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Suede lip color. You can pick it up at Target, Walmart, or Amazon. It runs for about $8 to $10 a tube. I like it because it is true to its name and really does stay on. If I put it on in the morning, it last all day. Lately, I have been wearing the Fashionista (more of a cranberry color) or the Womenswear (a medium pink that gives you a pink color without saying WHOA you have pink on today).


Lush’s Angels On Bare Skin face and body cleanser. The smaller 4 oz tubs runs for about $20. I love, love, love this face wash! My face has never felt so soft. Ground almonds are the main ingredient, which is a nice and gentle exfoliate, and the lavender is very calming. I don’t really have have an issue with acne, but I feel like it really helps keep the pimples I do get at bay. *Side notewhen I was pregnant, I also used this on my growing tummy, and it helped A TON to calm irritated red stretch marks.* I have really loved all of the products I have tried from Lush. They make fresh handmade cosmetics. However, for me, their store can be a bit overwhelming with so many different body products. I prefer to use their really nice catalog, available in store and online, that tells more about each item.

C Davis Design custom jewelry. Her custom pieces range from $30 to $45. She makes the cutest personalized stamped jewelry. You can find her Etsy shop here. After listening to Sister Neill F. Marriott’s talk on family mottos, I wanted to establish a motto for my little family. After a year, I came up with “create a happy, faith-filled home.” So I had a necklace made by C Davis that reads, “create.” I absolutely love it and wear it almost every day. It is a daily reminder of what I am working at.


Soul Threads Blankets. The blankets are $45. My mom, sister, and I started it up a few months ago. We make buttery soft, stretchy blankets with the option of a custom tag. You can have a personalized tag sewn in that says whatever you wantup to sixteen characters. You can see our website here. I literally can’t sleep without mine.


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