For years now I have been curling my hair and trying out all kinds of wands, irons, and techniques to achieve pretty, fun, and simple curls. Lately, my favorite curls have been these simple, wavy, beach-like curls. Here are my favorite tips in getting them:

  1. Curl your hair when it isn’t so-clean. Hair curls better when it’s dirty. By dirty, I don’t mean smelly or anything crazy like that, but if possible wait a day or two after you wash your hair before curling it. The curls will last much longer! According to, “When hair is clean, it’s often slippery to work with, and usually requires more product in order to shape and create your desired style. If you’re working with dirty hair, it holds better with heated styling tools such as a curling iron.”
  2. Use dry shampoo before curling. Dry shampoo (or any other texture spray) works well to help the curling iron grip to your hair better and not slide around. Dry shampoos and texture sprays are available in several different brands, sizes, and types. Before curling my hair in this photo, I used Dove dry shampoo. If you don’t have texture spray, you can also use a teeny bit of hairspray on your hair before curling.
  3. Find the right iron. If you want small, tighter curls, use a smaller barrel. If you want bigger, looser curls, use a thicker barrel. For these wavy-like curls I used a 3/4″ wand without a clip, however some people find it easier to use a curling iron that has a clip. It just depends on preference. Here’s a hint: if you have a curling iron with a clip, you can usually remove it with a screwdriver and it becomes a wand!
  4. Divide your hair into portions with a clip. The more/thicker hair you have, the more times you should section pieces off.
  5. Be careful with heat. For thin hair, set it at around 200 degrees. For thicker hair, do it around 300 degrees. For these looser curls, the curling iron doesn’t have to get crazy hot/you don’t have to hold it for very long. Also, you don’t want to seriously burn or damage your hair!
  6. Let your curls cool 20-30 minutes (at least) before brushing them out. Before you unravel the curl, hold it in your hand for a few seconds while it cools a little bit.
  7. Use a tiny bit of hairspray on the ends of your hair to get the curls to stay as long as possible while keeping them loose and flowy.


Happy curling!

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