Music is often said to be the food of love, but I think it’s the food of life. Sometimes I dramatically think I would die without music, just like I would without my next meal. Have you noticed the food revolution? My Instagram is jammed with ultra green smoothies, meals only wrapped in lettuce, and let’s not forget to throw some bird seed on absolutely EVERYTHING. The obsession with changing our diet seemed crazy; however, curiosity drove me to experiment. I found out that this food was way more satisfying and even tasted….good! Okay, so what does this seemingly unconnected food rant have to do with music?


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Go back and read the first sentence! Music, like food, nourishes our souls. Looking back, I realized a lot of the music I was listening to was cheap, dollar-store candy. Luckily for you girls, you can be PICKY about what enters your mind! We have YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, and more. We can hand select our musical menus. Think about the energy you need in the morning; try listening to something that’s upbeat with lyrics that remind you to be strong or smile more. When you’re studying switch your chill acoustic mix to some chill classical mix that is proven to help your brain focus. When you’re eating, introduce yourself to some music from the country your food comes from. Start questioning what music goes into your mind just like you question what food goes into your body. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:
Do I feel happy and energized when I listen to this?
Do I feel like my mind is clear, ready to receive new ideas?
Does this music inspire me to be creative?
Does this music make me think?
Is there beauty or wit in these lyrics?
Are the messages in this song harmful to my mind in any way?
Ask yourself some of these questions here and there to detect the garbage, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Allow yourself to become ready to part with some of the less savory songs and never give up on your quest for the songs that edify.


1133 - Version 2 Guest Post by Cecily Jorgensen


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