I don’t know about you, but I love to try makeup trends. Every season there’s something new to try out. Some recent makeup looks you can look into are kick-flare lashes, emerald/lime green/yellow/lilac and pink eyeshadows, bubbly cat eyes, white eyeliner across the bottom eyelid, and of course glowing skin. The trend that i’m most excited for is the rose gold monochromatic look. You may have noticed that many eyeshadow palettes now include a pink and red shade. I never would have thought to try out red or pink on my eyelids but surprisingly, they can be very flattering. I’ve tried it out and I absolutely loved it. The look is so soft and feminine looking. The super nice thing about this look is that you can use your blush for both your cheeks and your eyes. Instead of going out and buying pink eye shadows, first try out your blush as eye shadow and see how you like it.

The video below is a very beautiful example of how you can pull off this look as well.

My favorite makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury just came out with a new line of a monochromatic pink look. Her products are amazing. So if you want to try this look out, the products are all there which will make it simple.

As well, shown below are examples of the trend in media.

Once you’ve tried this look, try another. There are so many youtube video’s that can teach you how to achieve any look you want.

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